Bad Trip By Rile

Bad Trip 

Beginning of October in the UK, the known year to magic mushrooms users as well as dealers who supply the streets that cannot access the known growing areas for magic mushrooms. It’s Friday so the weekend starts and two mates in the second year of college walk home together as they only live up the road from each other. Rye who’s one of the boys started to say about a rumour that had been going around college that there’s a field only 2 miles away that has a perfect environment for growing magic mushrooms. Rasal who is the other mate, has never heard of thieves magic mushrooms and took a slight interest what Rye was speaking about how some artist who drunk them in some tea then created good art. Rye and Rasal separate to go home, when Rasal got in and put away his college gear ready for in a few days he jumped on his pc. He could not stop thinking about what Rye was speaking about how it is such a cool experience, but Rye never said about thing that people could have bad trips depending on their mood, and what is on their mind at the time of taking them. Rasal decided to do some research how to tell the difference from none Psilocybin mushrooms and Psilocybin mushrooms as on the news someone got sick from eating a random wild mushrooms. Rasal was quite confident on the difference and what not to mess with and decided he wants to try some before October ends as that’s the only year they grow as it’s the right temperature for them, and he knew it was going to rain tonight which would mean lots of land that have animals would be damp all night and it only takes 4-9 hours for magic mushrooms to fully develop. Rasal got his things ready like things he is going to wear as many people go early hours in the morning to pick them before others do, so he wants to be out early and it will be cold and so he slept for the night without telling Rye that he’s going to try some for the first time. The morning comes and its 4:30 and he got ready to go out to pick, as its 2 miles away he did not want to waste time walking to get to the known location where they grow, so he asked his older mate if he could drop him of as he didn’t want to ask for a taxi as it will look strange asking to be dropped off in a field. His mate dropped him off but before he closed the door he asked “what you gonna do out here anyway?” he responded with “oh nothing just going for a run as this is a good place” his mate said alright then, what time you wanting to be picked up but Rasal said “ill text ya if I need picking up an hour in advanced” and closed the door. After getting down the hill he started locking at the ground scanning the ground to find magic mushrooms, he was looking for about 14minutes and just before he started to get annoyed he saw a patch of mushrooms and walked over and look up close to identify weather or not their Psilocybin mushrooms, and they ware and so was the entire patch of mushrooms so he picked them and put them in his bag for later. After a hour he find a lot but started to notice groups of people are coming and he didn’t want to get in an argument with some gang or get noticed by college students for it to go back that he was picking Psilocybin mushrooms which could be bad. He walked the opposite way from the way he came as people are walking that way, so he went through a forest to get on the other side of the hill. He continued to walk through the forest for around an hour and thought he should have been on the road by now but it was not in sight at all and he was locking around to see if anyone was around him but no one was. Rasal got his phone out to text his mate but he couldn’t get any single as he was in the forest. Sometime past and he still hasn’t found his way, so he sat down for a bit to catch his breath because he’s been walking for a few hours now and stead there for a little while and just looked at the shrooms he’s got. Before getting up to walk again he thought he should try a few just to pass some time till it gets dark so he can see the lights of cars from a large distance away, so he grabbed a handful and just ate fast as they have not got a nice taste to them that’s why people put them in tea with lots of sugar. After 30minutes pasted he started to fill the stage one effects of seeing shapes and colours moving around but Rye never told him the effects take time to kick in and so Rasal took more as it wasn’t so strong and Rasal just led down to let it do its thing. Another 40mins past and it past the small stages and went to full on trip, and started to panic as it looked like trees ware moving about and Rasal started to hear voices from last week. Time went fast but for Rasal It went very slow and it started to get dark so Rasal tried to stand up to keep walking but his surroundings was moving crazily fast and the colours was insane. Rasal made his way forward while trying to keep stood up as he is regretting taking them on his own or even at all while walking and falling over multiple times he felt his phone vibrate, so he got it out and tried to make out what was on the screen as it was like a light tower light facing him. After an entire 8minutes at looking at his phone, he saw that he had a weak signal and slowly went to his contacts to try to phone his mate that dropped him off but his phone was engaged, so he tried to phone Rye and he answered asking where Rasal’s been at so he attempted to speak clearly but the shrooms made his mouth fill strange but he managed to get out that his hade magic mushrooms and in the forest that everyone is talking about. Rye told Rasal to keep trying to find the road and he’d get his mum to drive up to get him and he’d come as well so they started to drive and it would take around 15 minutes to get to the road where Rasal could be. Rasal continued to move through the forest for another 10 minutes and when he looked forward, he did notice bright lights moving at high speeds so he thought to himself that they are cars moving so he made his way over there. Ryes mum arrived near the place that everyone talks about so they both looked out for Rasal while driving back and forth to see if they can see him walking about. Rasal made his way to the road while he was still at full effects of the magic mushrooms he had eaten and tried to look to see Ryes mum’s car, but he couldn’t see any lights about. Rasal hell over into the middle of the road and hurt himself and with the shrooms it made his trip even worse making his vision go crazy but did he know that Ryes mum was driving back that way at night and they can’t see unless it’s in range of the headlights and Rasal was still on the floor trying to stand up while Ryes mum was coming at high speed. Rasal felt like time slowed right down when he was locking around while on the ground still, he got up locking forward at this figure that was moving towards him but couldn’t make out what it is, Rasal thought he saw his mate walking towards him with a flashlight on him shouting his name but a few seconds away it turned out to be Ryes mum in the car travelling fast right towards him then, Ryes mum hits him throwing Rasal up in the air and smacking him on the floor, Rasal just stayed still locking up in the air with his vison going dark then it goes dark, Rasal woke up led down in the forest that he walk in to get away from the people that started to walk down the hill. It was still day light and Rasal was really confused on what’s happened, he sat up locking around and got his phone out and saw lots of mis calls and messages from Rye asking where’s he’s at. It turns out Rasal had a bad trip and when he fell asleep, and thought it was reality and thought what happened was actually happing to him, but it was only a bad trip.


Story By Riley.L

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