The Creature Story By Rile

The Creature  


It was a weekend and four mates had been out raving as university has ended for the year, so they decided to have some fun before breaking apart to go on with their lives. It turned 2 am and the club started to shut down for the night, so the four mates, Levi, Sammy, Bjorn, and the most responsible one, Ivar left. While they walked up the streets to get to their hotel Bjorn saw in the corner of his eyes a fenced of tunnel entrance and said, WE Should Check That Tunnel and See Where It Ends Up! Everyone seemed up for it apart for Ivar, but his friends convinced him to have some more fun before they may never see each other again. 

Sammy who had studied locksmith all ways has a look pick set and opened the looks that stopped the high-wired fence from being opened, Levi the crazy one out of the friends started to walk in the dark tunnel first then came alone the rest. They walked for about 15 minutes in a straight line but come to an end that led two ways, left or right, Ivar said we should go back now, we could get lost if we continue on going, but everyone insisted they continued to explore more of the tunnels. As Ivar was really, the only sober one he thought to himself if he left them, they would most likely forget the way back, so he decided to stay, they all four choice to go left and so they walked. 

They walked for about 20mins and come to a big open area with stairs and a half-flooded room. They all looked around for a bit and Levi poked his head around the flooded room to see if there was anywhere else to look and had seen there’s a door that looks like it’s been ripped open from the inside but thought to himself there’s no way, we can get over without getting wet. So, Levi just began to look away but just before he saw something at the corner of his eye a shadow like figure run across the room within the ripped open door, He came to a silence for a few seconds, but Ivar poked him saying were about to go back, you ready? For some reason he said no, there is another door that we can go through, and before Ivar said anything, he shouted to Sammy and Bjorn saying come over here, they rushed over, and looked around the flooded room but Ivar really wasn’t sure about this, Bjorn noticed a wooden plank when he was locking around and brought it over and placed it as close as he can get it, they went one by one and all got over but soon as Ivar who was the last one to cross something happened. 

When Ivar jumped over there was a loud bang behind them and an electric wire came smashing down on the plank and broke it in half and leaving a high voltage electric current in the water. Everyone was shocked and realized that they cannot go that way now, Ivar looked at Levi in a disgusted look like it’s all his fault and Sammy and Bjorn was starting to panic a little. After a few minutes of thinking of what doing, they finally gave into the fact there’s no way someone will come down and nor can they get over that way. Ivar decided to take the lead and said, we must keep going now just sitting here will solve nothing, No one is coming, our phones don’t have signal, so we have no choice but to look for another way out. Sammy and Bjorn agreed but Levi was very against it and kept on saying someone will notice the locks been opened and send security down, but still said nothing about what he had seen before. Ivar just said, Come on I am going with or without you lot but make your choice now, Sammy and Bjorn got up and went but Levi was sat back trying to decide after a few seconds he just followed being very cushiest and locking around. They were all walking without saying a word to each other and after a while they came across another open area but kept on walking the way they were going and just ignored everything else, they walked through the round entrance part of the tunnel leaving behind the open area. Short time after in total silence apart from their footsteps splashing every time they hit the ground they heard a huge bang behind them like something had jumped from the big open area and just held still for a while, everyone looked back still in total silence, but then Bjorn started laughing saying, It must have just been a lose rock or something and just fell, but soon after he said fell another bang happened. But it was much closer. However, this time there was small waves on the ground where there is a trail of water. They looked at the ground with a scared locking face and continued to hear bangs they noticed the waves was a pattern like someone ahead is walking at a slow pass but getting closer. They all got Goosebumps and stepped back locking directly into the darkness of where they had just walked, Levi just started suturing while trying to say something but couldn’t, everyone looked at him and Said, What spit it out were in this crap because of you, Levi let it out, ALRIGHT I saw something before we crossed the water I just wanted to see what it was, the look on all their faces dropped as they just realized, there not the only ones down there. 

With the unknown creature that was getting closer Sammy just lost the plot and grab Levi by the neck and angrily said, What did you seeee, tell me, Ivar said don’t, but Sammy went to hit Levi but just before, Sammy felt a warmth air hit his neck, Sammy looked to his left directly into the dark so did the others and a merged a large figure out line, Bjorn was about to shout but the creature jumped forward revealing its body and let out a scream and started to walk closer, Ivar shouted, Run Right Now, MOVE, they all four started to run. The creature started to gain on them and everyone started to run out of air, And Bjorn said it’s getting closer, Bjorn started to think about what would happen when it finally gets up to them which would most likely everyone dying and Bjorn all ways put others before him and decided to slow the creature down by stopping but he first gave Levi his phone and said, Give this to my family with a tear dripping down his face, Levi looked at him but before he could speak Bjorn pulled out a knife and turned around and started to scream beginning to sprint at the oncoming creature, He used his sports and used the wet surroundings to his advantage on the large creature, Just before he got to close he slid on his legs underneath the creature and quakily standing up and started to run the opposite way of his friends screaming behind him, COME ON THEN HAHA. The creature turned around and started moving a lot faster a caught up to Bjorn in seconds, just before the creature tried used one of its long arms to hit Bjorn, he did a hard right turn in the open room they had come from, Bjorn just, stopped, and look in straight in the eyes of this creature whilst clenching his knife and let of a small smile, then just jumped at it with the knife high in the air, the creature then jumped at him while he was in the air but the creature was too fast and hit Bjorn throwing him across the room and keeping him down, the creature slowly made its way to Bjorn body and put its head right close to him with its mouth wide open but just before it had taken a bite Bjorn was still holding the knife and stuck it in the creatures neck which had caused high amounts of pain, leaving the creature screaming but didn’t mess around and just used its back leg to crush Bjorn killing him. Ivar. Levi and Sammy were still running but heard everything from Bjorn screaming and the creature then just stopped hearing Bjorn, Ivar said, His gone, he did this for us, so we have to live so he didn’t die for nothing, Sammy still angry with Levi said He would still be here if Levi said he saw something, Levi just stayed silent. Levi came up with an idea to see if the creature was still coming for them by turning his phone on and turning the flasher on facing up on the ground, he said to the others if it stops the creature attacked the phone, they continued to run but Levi kept his eye one the flash, they come to a train track like place that has been abandoned levi stayed up on the tunnel entrance to keep the look out while Sammy and Ivar looked around for an exit, Ivar saw some light from the roof and saw people lots of people walking he was so happy and started to say to everyone were close to the top Sammy had to sit down and Levi turned his back on the tunnel started saying yes try to shout at them to get help Ivar did so and someone did notice and shouted down helps on the way, Ivar was like hurry someone died down here, the happiness got to far tho when levi looked back the light had stopped, Levi was about to say but before he opened his mouth the creature was at too much speed and smashed right through Levi killing him, 

Sammy jumped up shouting, Ivarrrr Run it’s here, Ivar looked up and screamed to the people It’s here HURRYY, Sammy started to run straight again so then did Ivar, after a few seconds they saw light and people at the end, but the creature was really running fast now, just a around 200 feet away from the people at the end of the tunnel the creature was every close to Ivar and Ivar just accepted the fact that it’s his turn now to die so he just slowed down locking at the creature getting closer with its mouth beginning to open, NO, Sammy went and pushed Ivar back and put himself forward grabbing the knife Bjorn had stuck in its neck with all his strength causing the creature to scream and bashing itself up the walls of the tunnel RUUUNN, Sammy shouts while fighting the creature Ivar got up and run and made it to the end where there was police with weapons, Ivar didn’t even stop to say anything he just grabbed the rile out the officers hand charging back into the tunnel, the police looked at each other and started to run in after him and to see what’s happing, Sammy was pretty beat up but still had hold of the knife attacking the creature, Ivar start to fire at the legs of the creature letting out an angry raw putting the creature to its knees with the police just behind him seeing the creature and Sammy fighting the cops started to let of single shots trying not to hit Sammy and with Ivar still shooting Ivar got a hit at the creature face causing it to move back, but it got hold of Sammy and through him of and turned around running back into the darkness. 

Three of the copes told the rest to take Sammy and Ivar out while they went after the creature, both mates were taking to hospital while the military destroyed the entire underground system. 

The creature’s body was never discovered


Story By Riley L

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